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Hi, I'm admin on the Life is Strange Wiki and a huge passionate fan of Life is Strange for over 3 years. If you have any questions or requests, you can contact me on my message wall.


My Life is Strange story:

"I first played Life is Strange in October 2015. Before even finishing Episode 4 that was out already back then, I was captivated and started working on the Life is Strange Wiki. I accidently got myself spoiled of course! Since then, Life is Strange has been my passion and the most impactful influence media-wise. Life is Strange and Dontnod inspire me to write and create myself."

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- "Raoul Barbet: From the beginning we conceived the story around this theme: what would you be willing to sacrifice in order to save the people you love? We have written many scenes in which we must make choices where the consequences are not immediately perceptible. We wanted every player to create his own Max, that every experience was different, that everyone lived the story in his own way. This was our goal from the beginning."
- "Raoul Barbet: From the beginning we wrote the story with those two finals. All the game brings to that moment, to that decision. I do not think there is a "good" or "bad" ending, simply for you, for your experience, you have preferred one final or the other. When you base all your game on the possibility of choice, it is important to try to remain neutral."
- "Michel Koch: I can tell you that we have seen some players wait more than twenty minutes in front of the console before choosing, according to our data. And that's exactly what we wanted: to make the weight of a choice feel that represents the sum of all previous experiences."
- "Do you think this was the secret of the success of Life is Strange? Raoul Barbet:Yes, because we managed to convey the importance of a choice in the mind of the player. Life is Strange tells a story, the story of two girls of a special friendship, against the backdrop of an apparently quiet city. We wanted every player to experience this story in his own way, creating his special bond with Max and Chloe. Feeling the weight of a choice, reflect, wait, get excited: only in this way the story of Life is Strange would have had strength, only really making the player feel at the center of everything."
- "Michel Koch:We do not know if there will ever be a follow-up to Life is Strange, it is still too early to talk about it. But what we are sure of is that, if ever there will be, tell a different story. From the beginning we conceived the story of Max and Chloe as a complete, finished story. We did not want to leave anything suspended, we wanted to make a closure, which depends on the choices made by the player. The story of Max and Chloe speaks of growth, of two girls who become women: and their growth, that awareness that occurs when you leave behind an important part of your life, takes place right in the end. We do not want to go any further, so if there is a follow-up to Life is Strange, it will tell another story."
- "Michel Koch:When we started working at Life is Strange, we wanted every player to create his own version of Max. And freedom means giving the chance to build the relationship with Chloe in every possible way: from a normal friendship to a much deeper one, up to the possibility of falling in love. We did not include that scene because we wanted to impress someone, but only because it was consistent with the story and with what we wanted to do. Max is a young girl who is discovering her sexuality, she is growing up, and it is normal that she can hesitate, that she needs time to understand who she is and what she really wants. We wanted to convey these emotions to the player too. "
- "Raoul Barbet:We wanted to touch on various delicate subjects such as euthanasia or domestic violence. Or youth depression: the story of Kate wants to tell how difficult it can be for a young person to fit into an environment that can sometimes be very harsh, bad or totally indifferent to your existence. As Michel said, however, all the topics we touched on in Life is Strage, we did it because they made sense, a role in the plot. In short, this is not necessarily to do something different, some things are not programmed at the table. We wrote a story and followed it, as it should always happen."
- "Raoul Barbet: But video games are catching up, and it is certainly not about Life is Strange. Life is Strange probably would not have existed if before us, for example, there were no other development teams like Quantic Dreams or Tell Tales who experimented with video storytelling. It's a moment of transition and we're happy to have shown that a game other than the usual videogame, like Life is Strange, has been successful, because we hope that others will follow. The point is to offer players a wide choice: everyone must be free to play what he wants."
- "Michel Koch:it's an interesting question that we have asked ourselves many times. I think of course that they are very different media. If you watch a movie or a TV series remain detached, you know you are a spectator, somehow there is a distance between you and what happens on the screen. In videogames there is the possibility to interact with the story and the characters, to change them, to influence them. I think that experience becomes so much deeper and more personal: there are video games in which one really feels at the center of that virtual world, and this is undoubtedly a huge difference that must be taken into account."
- "One last simple question. What do you think is the secret to writing a good story? Raoul Barbet. (laughs, ed) It's not as simple as a question. We have been fortunate to work with two great professionals. Jean-Luc Cano wrote the story, then we worked together with Christian Divine, an American screenwriter who worked in cinema and on TV, to go into more detail and write all the dialogues. I think the most important thing in a story is the characters. We need to establish every trait of the protagonists, their development, how they change during the events. If players become attached to the characters, then the story will work."
- "Michel Koch:It may seem trivial but you should never underestimate the importance of working with a good writer. We were lucky enough to find even two: the work of Cano and Divine was fundamental for Life is Strange. Very often this in videogames does not happen and we tend to underestimate the question."

- Almost every major choice in the series is founded on empathy, on considering how your choices affect these characters who, due to their writing, easily feel like real people. - It has always challenged its players to understand others more, to treat them with compassion and be aware of the consequences of our actions. - His hope is that “it does help bring more empathy to the world because that’s what Life is Strange is about—it’s about empathy for people that you’re not.” - an especially compelling and important story given the current political climate in the United States. While the game began development before the election of Donald Trump, this decision to tackle such an intense and relevant social issue was deliberate. - “Life is Strange is always about dealing with social-cultural issues and dealing with, hopefully, a somewhat diverse cast of characters,” says Divine. “And so it was important, I think, to [lead writer] Jean-Luc [Cano] and the team to expand our character base, too—to move outside of it. We all love Max and Chloe and we all loved writing them and creating them. But now there are other people that are taking over.” - “Having characters that are non-white as leads is a unique situation in games,” Divine points out. Life is Strange is a series that doesn’t and won’t shy away from embracing its politics because “games are diverse, the world is diverse, and games are going to have to reflect that diversity—and it’s important to. That’s just a natural progression of art.” - Empathetically reflecting the diversity of the world in which we inhabit requires engaging with what it means to be a marginalized person and experiencing the world through their eyes, as much as that’s possible. - the last U.S census, conducted in 2010, found that white people made up 66.3% of Seattle’s population, with Latinos of any race accounting for only 6.6% of Seattle’s residents. Says Divine, “You can walk into a place in the Pacific Northwest and be the only person of color in town. When you start from that, what would that be like? And then it’s also based on what’s the character, what’s the story? Sean Diaz, how is he seeing this based on where he grew up? And how does [Sean and Daniel’s father] Esteban? Esteban sees things differently than Sean because he came from a different background. All this comes into play into how you write these characters and it’s up to the audience or the reader or the player to decide if it sounds true and if it doesn’t work.” - “Language is messy,” says Divine, “and so one thing that I think we’re pretty good at in Life is Strange is this kind of naturalistic dialogue. Dialogue is tricky in games because you’re trying to impart information and character and gameplay, so the dialogue has to multitask in a lot of ways. In the end, it has to sound interesting and it has to make sense for what’s going on in the game, too. It is something that we do spend a lot of time on.” - To achieve such natural dialogue, Divine says Dontnod relied on the people of color on the writing team to make adjustments along the way. -...

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Episode Scripts

Episode One: Chrysalis
Chrysalis - Chloe&#039;s House - Upstairs

Chloe's House - Upstairs

Episode Five: Polarized

Dark Room

Blury vision. A … is distinguishable.

The vision fades away—Black sreen. Max seems to regain consciousness. The camera pans across the room, a shot on metallic boxes for camera equipment on which there are lenses, a brown jacked and Max's diary. In front of it is a camera pedestal. Another shot on... another shot on... Another shot on... The camera pans on Max who is tied to a chair, and stops in the typical player perspective.

Max moans lifting her head that leans on her shoulder. Chloe...? She looks around in disbelief. What... Where... The Dark Room...

In front of her is a camera focused on her, right next to her a trolley with a red binder, another foulder, photos, drugs, syringes and water.

Looking around her she/the player spots Victoria lying dosed on the floor left next to Max.

Is anybody out there? Please, help!

Max can look around trying to find a solution. Interacting options:

  • Detach right hand: Doesn't work out. Help! Somebody help me!
  • Detach left hand:
  • Detach feet: Finally! I'm free! Almost...

She forcefully tries to free herself, but the manacles do not move. These straps hurt.

Look at the trolley, and Max pulls it to her with her right feed. Options:

  • Look at a photo of herself: I hate looking at myself like that. You'll pay for this, Jefferson.
  • Look at an opened syringe: God, I don't remember anything that happened... This must be the same drug Nathan used on Kate.
  • Use Focus on the photo: Max bends forward looking at the photo. I promised I would never go back in time like this again... But this is the only way...

Jarring noises. „Oh, that's great. Oh, Max..“


White screen. Blurry vision. Max awakes slightly conscious, lying on the same white floor her hands tied together, Mr. Jefferson crouching in front of her with a camera taking pictures.

„This angle hightlights your purity, see?“

He gets up, walks to the left. „The slightly unconscious model is often most open and honest.“

He steps around her, gazing at her and positioning her. „No vanity or posing, just... pure expression. Oh Christ... Look at that perfect face.“

He takes another shot. Max regains more and more consciousness and moves a little. Jefferson shouts at her, „Hold that stare there! Stay still!“

He's crouching in front of her again, taking shots. Max starts sobbing.

Jefferson springs to his feet, evidently furious. „Oh, Max! You fucked up my shot! ...But please don't worry, we have all the time in the world. For now.“ He looks at the last photo he took, and turns back to Max.

„I knew you were special the second I saw your first 'selfie'.“ He takes a few other shots and continues, „Yes, I still hate that word. But I love the purity of your own image. Not like Rachel, who was always looking in the wrong places. Poor Rachel. Wait... Let me try this angle."

He leans over her from the left side. Max moans. He pushes Max's shoulder. „Don't move.“ He takes more shots, and positions himself once again in fronf of her crouching.

„Oh, much... better. Thanks, Max. If only Nathan could see this set-up. He tries so hard, but you can't just throw a few subjects around and expect a cohesive style or theme. But he had an eye for shadows. And an eye for a whole lot more, as his elite family will find out... along with Arcadia Bay.“

He walks along her, and moves her head a bit while she is still moaning. „Nice... Good... Oh, those eyes.„

Max becomes (unruhiger).

„It's just too bad your're so goddamn nosy, Max! But this room is under 24/7 surveillance, so all I had to do was text you from Nathan's phone, and you fell right into my hands. You really should have focused on schoolwork, not 'private detecting' with your little—friend.“

Max moves her head upwards. „Chloe.“

„Chloe, right. Yeah, I'm sorry that I killed—that Nathan killed her in self-defense. But she had a troubled history like most Arcadia Bay drop-outs. Nobody will be surprised, or care. Though I promise people will care when you die tonight, Max. I wasn't lying when I said you have a gift.“

He crouches in again in fron of Max and focuses on her. „Okay. Now this looks good.“ He lies down on his stomach sustaining on his ellbows. „Maybe a few more close-ups...“

Max moves again. Jefferson stands up. „Max, please do not move so much. I need you posed and framed my way!“

Max sobbs. „No, no... no...“ She moves on her back, while Jefferson pulls up the trolley, preparing a syringe. „Now don't move, or this will... hurt... much.“

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