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  • Arvise

    Episode 5: The Storm

    October 23, 2015 by Arvise

    So, we all know that the opitional ending that let's Arcadia Bay be destroyed will kill lots of the residences, including the ones we got to know and love. But aren't there some of them who would've made it out?

    • Kate Marsh - Kate Marsh wouldn't have been present in Arcadia Bay because she would've been out of the town by now because her family is supposed to pick her up. We don't even know how far away the hospital is from Arcadia Bay, so even if it was delayed we won't know if the storm hit the hospital.
    • David Madsen - David Madsen was in the bunker when the storm hit, so unless the bunker was cheaply made (which it wasn't) he would have most likely survived. He may have left the bunker to look for Chloe and Joyce, but this would be unknown.
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  • Arvise

    Episode 5

    October 23, 2015 by Arvise

    So, is anyone going to update the character's pages on Episode 5? I haven't seen much updates on it other than possible deaths but I don't think I'm qualified to update the Main Character's pages, I only did it to Evan's.

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