LiS/BtS - Questions of Consistency

Disclaimer: This running document has been created solely to record any perceived inconsistencies and to compile official answers/explanations and is in no way intended to be taken as a form of criticism or complaint against anyone involved in the making of the core LiS game and BtS.

UPDATE - 01-SEP-2017: After playing a small portion of the first episode of Before the Storm last night, I can already see that I am going to need to create a Version 3 of this document!

Please also note the document contains only what is currently known about BtS from the pre-release footage, interviews, public statements, and gameplay live streams.

This document is a publicly sharable document that contains in-depth research on the following topics:

  • What exactly is Blackwell Academy? (As mentioned in my previous blog post.)
  • If Victoria is a sophomore in BtS, how is she still at Blackwell in LiS [Season 1]?
  • So how old is Victoria, and how does this affect the timeline?
  • How can Chloe and Victoria be sophomores together in BtS?
  • What grade should Rachel Amber be at Blackwell?
  • The school grade issue as it applies to Nathan
  • Why are Max and Warren also sophomores in May 2010?
  • So what if the age/grade inconsistencies cannot be explained? Can BtS be considered canon?

For the non-Americans (like myself), the document contains very clear explanations of the American high school grading system, which is also summarised in a handy table in the appendix section.