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Apologies for the long absence from my Co-Admin duties on this wiki. This is likely to continue into the foreseeable future for reasons I haven't the energy to go into. (Perhaps later.) Despite this, I still receive edit notifications on lots of pages and look at these from time to time, and I tend to contact the other admins for their thoughts on anything questionable. (Ladosha2 usually makes any changes - massive thanks to him!)

With the upcoming Remastered LiS 1 that we'll soon be getting from a different studio, I do fear we'll start to see the Season 1 pages being altered, perhaps in detrimental ways, as the very definition of what makes a LiS game is now under new direction. We have no idea if Deck Nine will be adding any little extras to make the game truly their own, or whether they'll embellish or change character facial animations and reactions in a way that makes things a little less ambiguous, so I do ask on behalf of the other admins that any visiting editors please continue to mind the legacy of what Dontnod had built and to respect and preserve their original creative vision. Should there be any overwriting of the original game's intention start to occur on those (sacred) pages, then the admin team will have to look at solutions, just like we had to do with Before the Storm when certain inconsistencies meant that original lore was getting overwritten. We certainly didn't like having to create two separate pages for the same character or location (or the time this took), but the editing got too messy. People were getting confused. It is what it is, and I honestly do hope there's not a repeat of this confusion with the Remaster.


An important note about Screenshots / Galleries:

To those who are adding screenshots to page galleries lately, can I ask that you please try to keep these concise and interesting. I'm seeing a number of images that, while they may look nice on their own, do not convey an interesting point in a story or they're duplications or repetitive angles (or the same thing but zoomed in closer). We want to try and keep the gallery sections of pages as to-the-point as possible and not look like the screenshot folder of someone who spams the screenshot key in Steam! I'm one of these snap-happy people with screenshots myself, so I know what it's like to end up with lots of similar angles of a moment I like in a game and struggle to decide which to keep and which to delete. :) PLEASE try to choose only the best images of what you have or the page galleries will start to look boring and repetitive.

Can I also please ask you to not remove important and interesting gallery images as many of these are images the admin team have added ourselves or approved for good reason in the past. For example: I've already seen the "Hug" option image removed from the Max and Warren page and TWO kiss option images added in replacement. This not only creates the duplication I touched on above, but more importantly, it makes a relationship page seem less objective and appear more biased towards a particular player choice path.

To anyone who has added lots of gallery images lately, can I please ask that you go back over any images you have added with a careful eye and scrutinise each one for interest and how it looks when sat among others in the gallery. Can you also please replace any images you have removed as this will save our much-depleted admin team a lot of time and effort to chase down and pull back missing page content.

Cheers, editors! :)


I'm going to end this by thanking all of the new editors I've seen visiting the wiki to contribute something over the many months I've been a ghost around here. Thank you also to those (old and new) who continue to drop by to read it and find something useful. :)