During an investigation of recent comments left on this wikia (also requested by users), the moderation team discovered sockpuppeting (Commenting under different names with the purpose of deception) in the comments of the "Max and Warren" article. This has been confirmed by FANDOM staff, which was contacted for external checks. The accounts involved have now been banned.

These accounts are:
"User:Will Hardy 117", "User:BradyAwesome", "User:CanadaRed", "User:Katzyellowshield" and "User:TheAlphaHarvard".

The following IPv6 addresses also appear to be related:
"[2601:646:8980:17DC:3C7D:3995:451A:6B91], [2601:646:8980:17DC:C4DB:6F29:EC7E:AA61], [2601:646:8980:17DC:A4C5:30B7:B108:46C8], [2601:646:8980:17DC:5C2A:1F75:FFE4:3689], [2601:646:8980:17DC:8CEC:939E:C07E:96C5], [2601:646:8980:17DC:40F5:A4DA:6AC5:D85C]"

The user also used sockpuppetry on the Walking Dead wikia and we will bring this to the attention of the moderation team there.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, some comment threads that involved the above accounts were entirely deleted as the context of conversation would be too confusing had certain comments been removed.

In the future, we will try to closely watch anonymous comments/edits (e.g. for IPs address patterns) and contact FANDOM staff for regards like this. Unfortunately, the wiki staff are not around constantly and do not always have the time to review the comments on pages as well as the newly edited content, we would urge any similar activity to be reported to us directly (as it was in this case).

Sorry this took so long. Thanks for all of your patience. Looking forward to constructive discussions.

As a team, we would also like express our gratitude to the people who remained calm and respectful in the comments and to those who brought matters to our attention. Special thanks goes to our moderator Cuddlecuffs, who spend a large amount of time properly investigating this.