The wiki navigation bar is pretty clumped up at the moment and I think really needs sorting out. I sort of have a bit of an idea on how it should be organized but what does everyone else think? What tabs do you think should be there?

I think that the character tab list should either include more characters (we could also make a minor and major character tab) or we could create a characters article and link it to that page.

I think that the locations tab should either become a drop down list or it should have an article titled "Locations"(like the characters article idea) instead of being linked to a category.

I'm not sure about the gameplay tab as the tab "gameplay" is quite broad and quite a lot of articles are categorized into the category but it feels a bit unnecessary. Is the "Behind the Scenes" tab necessary as well?

I'm thinking of including a staff/admin tab in the community section just so you know although you probably already know who the admins are.

If I've missed anything special or if you would like me to add anything you can tell me and I would love to hear everyone's feedback on this topic.

Thank you^^