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    The following definitions are based on literary sources, which are:

    • What Is the Literary Definition of a Major Character?
    • Novel Writing Help: Minor Characters and Major Characters

    • central to the development and resolution of the story's conflict; most of the action of the story happens around the major characters, and their activity advances the plot and helps determine the outcome of the story
    • identified by their purpose in the story and whether their activity helps or hinders the protagonist to solve their problem
    • receive a large amount of "screen time"
    • play vital roles in significant parts of the story
    • likely have their own subplots within the story (subplots are closely related to the main plot and occur simultaneously with the protagonist's…

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  • Meyerliane

    In construction.

    Awesome! Your first incentive should be to add your interesting observation to a related article. If you find an interesting detail about one of the characters — for example their favorite color, or which character from another piece of fiction they might be based on —, add it to their article's "Trivia" section. Don't forget to mention the episode, location and/or circumstances your observation can be made in.

    On our Wiki, we feature several "special content" articles for every game — "Easter Eggs", "Easily Missed Details" and "References" — to differentiate between different kind of 'more special' interesting observations and findings one may make.

    Perhaps, as an editor, you might make an interesting observation in one of t…

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