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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I want to ask among the mods etc. 

    Would it not be more beneficial to remove the cause of death section from the infoboxes of key characters?

    I understand that having it would be beneficial for those who have already played the game, however, for many people who read the wiki, they want to look up the info on an episode they've just played because they've missed details etc. 

    I feel like it's not beneficial to any new player having those portions of the infobox present.

    Sorry if this is irrelevant, or you aren't in agreement; however I just wanted to put it out there and guage opinion on the matter. 

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    If I'm alone in this, that's alright! Just wanted everybody's opinion on the matter.

    I believe Chloe's date of death and causes of death shouldn't be listed in her infobox. 

    Primarily, it's a huge spoiler right in plain view at the begining of the article. Because of the picture, it's easy to go ahead and look at the box before you read anything else on the page. Anybody who hasn't playeed the latest episode will inevitably be put out by the definite date of death sitting there.

    I just feel like it's a little wrong to have it there as an option. By all means, we should have aspects of the article which go into detail about the death and the causes and the dates etc - Chloe has a whole section just for her considering the number of times she d…

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  • Randomshadowmusic


    August 2, 2015 by Randomshadowmusic

    Do me a favour, all of you.

    Go to the Junkyard in Out of Time. 

    From your start point, walk towards the train tracks towards the bottle by the wrecked cars. Turn and look to the side where the photo-op Doe is standing. Don't move... just watch.

    Look at it.

    Look at where it stands.

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I'm Back!!

    August 1, 2015 by Randomshadowmusic

    Hey everyone!

    Back from holiday, and ready to get cracking on the new episode updates. Lots of work to be getting on with here. Can't wait to start getting things under way.

    New episode was CRAZY. My Jefferson theory was totally correct, but still some surprising incidents I wasn't quite expecting. 

    I've updated a bunch of pages already - you can bet that if you're reading any of the theory sections that I've helped write them up! 


    What do you all think of the new episode? I have a few criticisms, but nothing too ridiculous. 

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I'm heading off on holiday tomorrow!

    I probably won't be making as many edits in the coming two weeks, just because I'll be too busy living it up in Florida for a fortnight.

    I hope to be on at some point each day to do a few minor edits, but I probably won't be about as much. Just to give you all a heads up in case you wonder where I've disappeared off to, considering I've been a busy bee updating everything recently!

    Hope you guys have a great time when the episode is released! =D

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