Day 1 

Hey guys this is the first update (very small one) of the blog to keep you updated on all that will be happing on this wikia, today ive made a Graphic Wordmark for this wikia that i think looks pretty awesome :) ive got a lot of plans for tommorrow and im exicted for what the future on this wiki will look like. If you have any questions please feel free to message me and ill get back as soon as possible. 

Day 2

Thanks to the help of a few hard working dedicated users this wikia is quickly growing we went from 7 to 22 pages in one day, tommorrow i'm striving for 50 pages. We also now have a character template which can be found under the 'templates section in classic editor. Next i hope to make a location template for noteable locations (Chloe's house, Blackwell, and The Lighthouse). We will also need an episode template which im not as concerned about at the moment. Other updates are the wiki color changed (black to light blue).