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Valkyrie is a cat who features in Life is Strange: True Colors.


Valkyrie is hostile towards anyone who tries to interact with her (especially towards Steph and Alex). She is also hard to scare, as shown when she shrugs off Alex's attempt to scare her by responding with an angry hiss. However, she loves her cat toy, which can be used to manipulate her.


Valkyrie is a black cat of average adult size with yellow eyes.


Before becoming a record store cat, Valkyrie spent an undetermined amount of time as a stray, eventually coming to live in the crawlspace of Rocky Mountain Record Traders. Her name was decided upon by the listeners of the in-store radio station.

Chapter 1: Side A

Valkyrie is first seen in the Rocky Mountain Record Traders sitting on top of a hold list that Alex is looking for. After Alex tries to either move or scare her, Valkyrie responds by angrily hissing at her. After finding Valkyrie's favorite toy, Alex manages to lure her away with no difficulty, allowing her to retrieve the list.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex can meet Valkyrie again while visiting the record store.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Alex can once again find Valkyrie in the record store during the LARP, sitting beneath a sign labeled "Cat is cursed; do not pet!".

Chapter 4: Flicker

Alex can find Valkyrie at the Spring Festival, appearing as the Black Beast.


Valkyrie is mentioned throughout the story, though does not appear until the end, where she is seen sitting on the hold list as she is in the beginning of Chapter One of True Colors. When Valkyrie is first discovered, she does not have a name. Steph elects to cast an online poll for her radio show's listeners, with "Valkyrie" gaining the most votes at 45%.




  • As shown in an email in Wavelengths, Valkyrie could have named Sausage, Princess Knifefingers, Ghost, SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM, Beelzebub or Steph II.
    • Sausage gaining 21% of votes, Princess Knifefingers gaining 13% of votes, Ghost gaining 11% of votes, SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM gaining 6% of votes, Beelzebub gaining 2% of votes and Steph II gaining 2% of votes.