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Victoria's room is number 221 in the female section of the Prescott Dormitory at Blackwell Academy.

Max has two opportunities to snoop around the room.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

Victoria's door slate reads:

"Be the change you wish to see - Gandhi"

Max feels that it's a little pretentious, considering Victoria's aggressive attitude towards those she feels are less popular than her.

The first time we see Victoria's room, Max is searching for evidence that Dana is innocent of sexting Juliet's boyfriend Zachary. She discovers from a poster that Victoria's parents own a famous gallery: The Chase Space. She is also putting her photography out there, looking to get installed in a gallery herself. She has pretentious glamour shots of herself, as well as many of Mr. Jefferson's books and photos.

She has top-of-the-range equipment when it comes to photography as well as her TV and tablet; Max even discovers that she is considering buying a 3-D Printer for her dorm room. This is a purchase extravagant enough to tempt Max into being her friend for a second. Victoria's clothing seems to be entirely designer, and obviously costs a fortune.

Max discovers from an email to Taylor on Victoria's computer that Victoria had deliberately caused drama between Juliet, Zachary and Dana, presumably in response to a scathing article aimed at her in the Blackwell newspaper, written by Juliet.

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

Victoria's room cannot be entered in this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, as Max leaves her room in the morning, she witnesses Victoria handing Courtney homework to complete, and sending her away. You can also glimpse Taylor sitting in the room. The room is also shown at the end of the episode, as Nathan arrives to comfort Victoria after Kate's suicide attempt.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

At the beginning of the episode we can see that Victoria (as well as everyone else in the hallway) has changed their door slates. Victoria's reads:

"Wherever you go, there I am".[note 1]

Max explores the room at night while Victoria has clearly snuck out. Most of the same items are there, however a new space doll figurine has been purchased by Victoria, and now sits atop her dresser.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

  • Max can look at Victoria's slate outside the room. (Comment: "Oh Victoria, give me a fucking break.")
  • She can look at a letter from the Kroft Gallery. (Comment: "Ouch. At least she puts her photographs out there. Unlike me.")
  • She can look at Victoria's camera. (Comment: "She's actually got a classic medium format camera with
    some awesome prime lens? I hate you, Victoria.")
  • She can look at the Chase Space poster. (Comment: "Whoa, I had no idea Victoria's parents owned The Chase Space. Color me impressed.")
  • She can look at Victoria's clothes. (Comment: "Dior, Givenchy... You could pay for my tuition with that wardrobe...")
  • She can look at Victoria's shoes. (Comment: "Those boots are made for walking runways…")
  • She can look at the plasma TV. (Comment: "That is a tasty plasma. Maybe I could sneak in and watch 'Final Fantasy: Spirits Within'.
    I don't care what anybody says, that's one of the best sci-fi films ever made.")
  • She can look at at the Blackwell Totem article. (Comment: "I bet Victoria put Juliet on her shit-list after this article...")
  • She can look at and use Victoria's tablet. (Comment: Look: "No, Officer, I'm not snooping, just admiring Victoria's cutting-edge tech..."
    Use: "Is she going to get a 3D printer for her dorm room? Maybe I will join her posse...")
  • She can look at a Vortex Club sticker. (Comment: "Yes, I get it: 'Enter The Vortex Club.' No.")
  • She can look at some jewelry. (Comment: "Okay, if I did wear expensive jewelry, I would wear this for sure.")
  • She can look at and use Victoria's laptop to view her social media page. (Comment: Look: "Yes, Victoria has the best retina screen laptop. Let me just check to see if she posted my picture..."
    Comforted Victoria: "I'll give Victoria props for not posting my photo... And for this nice shot."
    Made fun of Victoria: "That's real nice, Victoria. And who the hell thinks I'm a hipster?")
  • She can view and print an email from Victoria to Taylor (required). (Comment: "Boom. This is the e-mail I need to show Juliet.
    Now I have to print this fast and get the hell out of here...")
  • She can look at a leaflet advertising the Bean Hip Cafe exhibition.
  • She can look at a vandalized Rachel Amber Missing Person poster. (Comment: "Victoria hates Rachel Amber this much? How insecure...")
  • She can look at a book by Mr. Jefferson. (Comment: "Victoria is a real Jefferson groupie...")
  • She can look at and take the email from the printer (required). (Comment: Look: "This isn't even recycled paper. Victoria's not doing her part to 'Save The Earth'...
    But this is for a good cause too."
    Take: "This better convince Juliet that Dana is innocent...")
  • She can look at and mess up Victoria's photo wall. (Comment: Look: "Speaking of selfies..."
    Mess up: "Let's play a little photo Tetris and leave Victoria a message.
    Let's move this here... and this one there... Hmm... A pattern is emerging...")
    • She can look at and take an optional photo of it afterwards. (Comment: "That's mean, but she earned it.")

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

  • Max can look at Victoria's slate outside the room. (Comment: "That's a depressing thought. And it's always about Victoria...")
  • She can look at some fashion magazines. (Comment: "Victoria is about as 'street'... as me. But she really appreciates style.")
  • She can look at the Chase Space poster. (Comment: "Whoa, I had no idea Victoria's parents owned The Chase Space. Color me impressed.")
  • She can look at an essay about photography inside Victoria's bag. (Comment: "A 'unique point of view' is right. Thanks to Courtney Wagner ghostwriting this paper.")
  • She can look at Victoria's shoes. (Comment: "Those boots are made for walking runways...")
  • She can look at Victoria's socks inside a drawer. (Comment: "These socks cost more than my wardrobe.")
  • She can search a desk to look at two party photos. (Comment: "I'll title this one, 'Portrait de la Assholes.'"
    "Whoa, there's Kate, totally high. She looks confused, not like she's partying.")
  • She can look at a photo of Victoria and Nathan inside a drawer. (Comment: "Here they are getting loaded with Satan...")
  • She can look at a cleaner receipt and the package of the glowing figurine inside the trash can. (Comment: "That's a lot of bank just to clean paint from a sweater..."
    "Victoria's secret? She's a geek.")
  • She can look at and use Victoria's laptop to view an email from Victoria to Taylor. (Comment: Look: "There has to be some dirt in here on Victoria..."
    Kate alive: "Well, well. Maybe Victoria isn't a monster after all..."
    Kate dead: "Well, well. Victoria and Taylor actually show remorse...")
  • She can switch to an email from Nathan (determinant). (Comment: "This is like a thread for sociopaths. 'Max Crackfield'? Lame. Party on, dudes.")
  • She can look at the Vortex Club sticker. (Comment: "First Rachel and now Kate... This is the end of the Vortex Club.")
  • She can look at her box with cookies (If Max reorganized Victoria's photos in Episode 1). (Comment: "My cookies? Victoria stole my cookies! Now I can't take them back
    because she'll know I did it! Victoria is... a cookie monster.")
  • She can look at a crumpled photo of Victoria (if Max made fun of Victoria in Episode 1). (Comment: "Victoria must have her own power if she found time to steal this from my room... Good job.")

Optional Photos

Two optional photos are hidden in Victoria's room. In Episode 1, Max has the opportunity to mess up Victoria's wall of pictures and shoot a photo of it. There is another opportunity for an optional photo; a geeky, glow in the dark figurine at the very beginning of Episode 3.



  1. The phrase is originally meant as "Et in Arcadia Ego", which means "Even in Arcadia, there I am", the "I" being representative of death, and "Arcadia" meaning a utopian society. This is an interesting quote, revealing that even in the altered, more perfect timelines that Max creates, death will always be an eventuality. This quote says much for the moral of the game's story: you can't alter time without consequences.