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"I'm glad you left Arcadia Bay... or what's left of it. I'm now going to therapy, which helps, but I still get nightmares." — Victoria to David in "Wolves"

Victoria Maribeth Chase (born August 14th, 1995) is a former student at Blackwell Academy. She was best friends with Nathan Prescott, Taylor Christensen, and Courtney Wagner. Although she does not appear physically, a letter from her will appear if Arcadia Bay was sacrificed. She is currently taking care of her parents' art gallery in Seattle. 




Once the rich and arrogant snob who boasted about her expensive designer clothing and state-of-the-art electronic equipment for her classes. She is now a humbled art gallery owner who is happy to be alive. While the only interaction with Victoria comes in the form of a letter, her personality doesn't appear to be the brash arrogant one it used to be. Should Arcadia Bay be sacrificed, it also appears that she is no longer antagonistic towards Max and Chloe and is even close friends with David.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

If Arcadia Bay was sacrificed in the original game, Victoria is revealed to be alive in this episode.  She appears in the form of a letter to David Madsen, which can be found in his trailer:

"Dear Mr. Madsen,

Sorry this is so late, but I put the wrong PO Box address on the envelope and the letter was returned. Hope this one finds you. 

I'm glad you left Arcadia Bay... or what's left of it. I'm now going to therapy, which helps, but I still get nightmares. I hope that Max and Chloe are keeping you company. They're a good team. 

I'm still in Seattle, looking over my parents' gallery.  Their partner Jessica is great, she's taking care of everything. The will is a mess, but I will be okay. 

It's hard to get over the fact that, in a way, I owe my life to Mark Jefferson throwing me in his fucking bunker. I get flashes of his creep face all the time... but then I see yours, coming to rescue me.  I'll probably be thanking you for the rest of my life for that. 

Please keep in touch (at this address for a while) and let me know, if there's anything I can help you with. Thanks again for your service. 

Best wishes, 
V. Chase" 

Sean remarks after reading this letter, that he understands why David wound up out there. But nonetheless that he's a hero. 




  • If Chloe was sacrificed, Victoria's letter does not appear, but it can be presumed that she is in the same situation as the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay timeline: dead or alive depending on the player's decisions.