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WHAT IF? A (Fan-Made) Life is Strange Story is a 2-hour fan-made film adaptation of Life is Strange, adapted and directed by Iowa-based indie filmmaker, Carrsan T. Morrissey. The project was announced in September of 2016 on Morrissey's personal social media accounts. Primary filming occurred in Iowa during the Summer of 2017 with a self-funded budget of ~$500[1]. The film premiered live in Cedar Falls, Iowa on December 2nd, 2017. One week later (December 10th), the film was released on YouTube and as of January 26th, 2020, the film has obtained more than 480k views.

WHAT IF? follows the events of the game with some minor alterations, additions, and subtracts from the original plot. Namely, the film removes the Mark Jefferson plotline, and instead places Nathan Prescott in the primary antagonistic role. The film also utilizes Max's rewind powers as a storytelling element.

On January 1st, 2018, Morrissey announced that they will be adapting and directing a full-length film based on Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The film, titled DAWN: A (Fan-Made) Before the Storm Story, was funded via GoFundMe with $5,025 out of a goal of $5,000[1] and released on December 1, 2018.[2]

After the release of DAWN, Morrisey decided to take a break from making fan films to focus on creating original content. He did, however, offer up his full endorsement of Tennessee-based filmmaker Connor Olen in making his short film Captain Spirit, which could be considered a spiritual successor. The short was released on May 19, 2019.


  • Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Producer/Lead Editor - Carrsan T. Morrissey
  • SFX Consoltant - Luke Kreger (Lost Utopia Films)
  • Boom Operator - Nick Hoofnagle


Cast (in credits order):

  • Shelby Davis - Max Caulfield
  • Mads Hoofnagle - Chloe Price
  • Abigail Van Patten - Kate Marsh
  • Skyler (Zane) Ferguson - Nathan Prescott
  • Jason William Lankford - Frank Bowers
  • Wade (Allen) Thalberg - David Madsen
  • Albie Nicol - Warren Graham
  • Scott Schuster - William Price
  • Mia Stark - Young Max Caulfield
  • Kylie Jean - Young Chloe Price

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

  • Olly Manning - Vortex Club Member
  • Jacob Miller - Vortex Club Member
  • Finch Moore - Ms. Grant
  • Jessica Sund - Rachel Amber
  • Angelle Waltz - Victoria Chase


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