Water Eater is a character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. It is a personification of the water heater in Chris Eriksen's house.


Water Eater is a dark purplish-gray amorphous blob. Its matter is constantly shifting and changing. It has purple eyes that rove around, but when Chris moves, its eyes turn red and it stares at Chris.

Captain Spirit

Chris enters the room with the Water Eater. It is dark and there is a foggy, purple "lake", in the center of which is something bubbling and splashing. Blobs of goo gracefully jump around in the water. As Chris approaches, the Water Eater bursts out of the lake with a roar. Chris "tames" the Water Eater with his "powers", making him smaller and smaller until he is about Chris' size. Chris then turns on the water heater in real life.


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