"I'd rather be a wolf! Owwoooo! We could be wolves."
"Yeah, that... that works. Just... work on that howl."

Daniel Diaz and Sean Diaz in "Roads"

The wolf is a focal recurring symbol within Life is Strange 2, and is theorized to be the spirit animal of Sean and Daniel Diaz.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Although none physically appear, wolves are referenced several times throughout the first episode of Life is Strange 2. For the duration of the episode, Sean wears a hoodie with a stylized wolf logo emblazoned across the front.

During their bus ride in this episode, Sean tells a story about two wolf brothers and their papa wolf to Daniel, which mirrors their own situation:

Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers... living in their home lair with their papa wolf."

Trivia Edit

  • Wolves ui
    Following the making of any decision with consequences, an animation depicting a large and small wolf running together is played in the bottom right corner, the opacity of either wolf changing depending on whether said decision will impact Sean, Daniel, or both.
  • Puerto Lobos, the hometown of Esteban Diaz and the brothers' prospective shelter, is Spanish for "Port of Wolves."
  • Wolf Pack Achievement
    There is an achievement called "Wolf Pack" which the player is awarded with for completing all Life is Strange 2 episodes.

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