"Last time I saw you and Chloe in your pirate outfits I knew she would never find a better friend."

Joyce Price in "Chaos Theory"
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This article is meant to give a more detailed overview of the things that are known about Young Max Caulfield and Young Chloe Price from Dontnod Entertainment's original game, Life is Strange. These facts cover up to the time Max moves to Seattle, shortly after the death of Chloe's father.[note 1]

Summary Edit

Young Max and Chloe grew up living just half a mile away from each other in Arcadia Bay, Oregon.[1] They were not known to be quiet kids when they played together,[2], and Chloe's mother would always bust them for being too loud.[3] Even though they could be a handful, Max was always the quieter and more passive of the two,[4] and comments made by Chloe years later suggest that she thought of Max as a bit of a "wallflower"[5] and a "chickenshit."[6] As cruel as the latter label sounds, even Max is aware that she can be afraid to confront things.[7] Chloe also thought of Max as a "smartass" for her ability to throw back a good retort[8] as well as being a snoop.[9] Young Max could also be a little self-absorbed or slow to say her thanks to Chloe.[10]

They both dreamed of a life of adventure together,[11] and they saw Seattle as a "fabled faraway island of treasure and adventure" that they were always seeking.[12] Max wanted to explore the world and be a photographer, but she doubted her ability to achieve this dream.[13] However, Chloe believed in Max from an early age and told Max that her pictures could be in a museum, believing that they would be someday.[14] Oddly enough, even though some pictures were taken of Max and Chloe together, Max didn't seem to like pictures of herself.[15][note 2]

Even from a young age, Chloe supported Max just as much as Max thought Chloe was amazing.[16] Even as years passed, and they both lived separate lives, both girls hung on to mementos of their childhood friendship.

Family Differences Edit

Max considers her family to be more serious than Chloe's as her family never took any fun, goofy photos together like Chloe's did.[17] Once, when they were both chastised by Chloe's father for getting out of hand, Chloe took this less seriously than Max, laughing at her father's attempts to give her and Max a "time-out." Max's believes that if she laughed like that at her own father, he would "banish" her. This seems to suggest that Max's father was perhaps more strict with her.[18] Max took an instant picture of Chloe and her father back in 2008, commenting on the love and the close bond it showed between them.[19] Max seemed almost envious of that father-daughter bond in her later years when she came across another photo that Chloe had held onto.[20] Regardless of Max's parents being more reserved, they did care for her, such as the time when Max accidentally swallowed the eye of her teddy bear and her parents rushed her to hospital.[21] Max also fondly reflects back on the time she had spent sewing a cushion with her mother, although it's not known exactly how old she was when this took place.[22]

Activities and Interests Edit

Shared Edit

  • Painting, Decorating, and Drawing – Young Max and Chloe spent all day painting a piece of furniture in the shade of blue that Chloe loved.[23] They also decorated Chloe's flip phone with stickers and scratched both of their names into its cover.[24] Another activity they enjoyed together was drawing cartoons where they invented movie posters starring themselves or drew superhero characters that represented each other (including Chloe's pet cat, Bongo),[25] and they also worked on creating a large mural of themselves running away on an adventure.[26]
  • Sleepovers, Movie Nights, and Video Games – Max used to stay over at Chloe's house a lot when they were younger,[27] and they would play video games and watch movies together, sharing cookies and popcorn.[28] Chloe would often fall asleep on Max whenever they watched movies together.[29] A favorite movie they liked to watch was Blade Runner, and Max knew that Chloe wanted to dye her hair like the character "Pris."[30] As for video games, it is known that Max and Chloe enjoyed playing the Hawt Dawg Man video game together.[31]
    • Sharing Toothbrushes: During their sleepovers, Max hated when Chloe would use her toothbrush, but Chloe never used to care about hers being used by Max.[32]
  • Watching Cartoons / Children's TV – Chloe used to watch preschool TV programs like Blue's Clues and Teletubbies when she was younger,[33] and it is likely that Max watched these with her. It is established that they did watch Spongebob[34] and Hawt Dawg Man cartoons together[35] as well as Power Rangers.[36]
  • Birthday Parties – Chloe celebrated Max's 10th birthday with her,[37] and since it is established that Max has known Chloe from a very early age (see above), it is likely that this is not the first birthday party they have celebrated together. Max attended a birthday party thrown for Chloe that she describes as a "blowout".[38] Max was 12 years old at that time,[39] meaning that this would have been Chloe's 14th birthday, taking place in March 2008.
  • Playing Pirates:
    • Dressing up – Chloe and Max enjoyed playing pirates and even dressed up as pirates.[40] They also enjoyed the town's annual Halloween kiddie costume parade,[41] so it is possible that they may have attended one of these Halloween parades dressed as pirates.[42] (The Halloween Bazaar is also mentioned separately below.)
    • Ship Couch – Max and Chloe pretended that the couch in Chloe's living room was a pirate ship.[43]
    • Tree Fort – Chloe marked the location of the tree fort that she had built with Max by drawing a red skull and crossbones on an orientation map found next to the lighthouse on the cliff that overlooks the bay.[44]
  • Eggs and Bacon – It is established that both girls enjoyed waking up to a breakfast of eggs and bacon.[45]
  • Hiding and Plotting – Young Max and Chloe enjoyed to hide and talk about their future together.[46] They had a "Super Secret Closet Lair" that they would hide in, which was actually Chloe's slatted wooden wardrobe.[47]
  • Playing on the Swing – There is a swing in Chloe's backyard that William made for the two girls to use.[48] Max and Chloe would take turns using it, and it is known that Chloe was far braver than Max about being pushed higher and higher; Max would jump off before she got too high![49]
  • Playing in Forests – Max and Chloe enjoyed playing in forests together, especially when pretending to be pirates.[50]
  • Playing by the Ocean – Max and Chloe played by the ocean as kids.[51] The lighthouse is accessed from the beach via a 15-minute hiking trail through a forest, and it is known that Max and Chloe played in the forest that leads from the beach to the lighthouse.[52]
  • Making a Pet Grave – Max helped Chloe to make a gravestone for Chloe's deceased cat, Bongo, who died in 2008 after being hit by a car.[53]
  • Graffiti/Carving – Either Max or Chloe wrote/carved their names on a tree stump by the lighthouse in 2008. The writing looks more similar to Max's handwriting in the game.[54]
  • Halloween Bazaar – Max and Chloe enjoyed the kiddie costume parade that took place at the town's annual Halloween bazaar. The parade is led by the Arcadia Bay mayor along Main Street, and a flyer seen in the Two Whales Diner shows that there may also have been a pumpkin carving contest and local vendors and food trucks at the past bazaars when Chloe and Max were young.[55]
  • Recording Heights – Chloe was always taller than Max when they were growing up together. They made Chloe's dad keep track of their heights.[56] There is a height chart on Chloe's bedroom wall that marks Chloe's height over the years from 13 months up until 2005, but there are no markers with Max's name by the side, which may mean that Chloe's dad could have recorded Max's height on a separate chart elsewhere. Perhaps Max took her results home to record them herself somehow. There are some little marks underneath the recordings for 1996 and a year that looks to be 2000, so perhaps these little marks belonged to Max.

Separate Edit

Max Edit

  • Racing up and down the lighthouse steps – Young Max enjoyed racing up and down the steps of Arcadia Bay's lighthouse when it used to be open to the public. It is unknown if she enjoyed this activity with Chloe, but it seems likely.[57]
  • Making a CD – When Max was 12 years of age, she made a pirate mix CD for Chloe.[58][note 3]
  • Seafood – Max enjoys seafood, which makes sense as Arcadia Bay had a thriving fishing industry when she was younger. The place she enjoyed eating seafood at was called Pacific Steve's Famous Crab.[59]
  • Pancakes – It is unknown if Chloe enjoyed pancakes as much as Max did, but what is known is that Max could eat lots of pancakes.[60]
  • Making an Effort – It is suggested that Max was the kind of person to make an effort with stationary and letters.[61]
  • Being Tidy – Max doesn't class herself as a rebel and has an ingrained sense of pride in keeping her bed neat and tidy, which she has picked up from her mother.[62] However, when given her freedom and independence from home, she does display an urge to rebel against this sense of order, although it is unlikely that she could keep this up for long due to it seemingly going against her nature.[63]
  • Peanut Butter Preference – It is suggested that Max prefers smooth peanut butter and possibly dislikes the crunchy variety altogether.[64]
  • Journal Entries – Max kept a journal even in her childhood. She would write entries about which anime character she wanted to be, about her dreams of being a famous photographer, and what she and Chloe would be doing when they are older. [65]

Chloe Edit

  • No Animal Products – Chloe wouldn't use animal products when it came to makeup.[66]
  • Manga – Chloe enjoyed manga. In her later years, while Max was in Seattle, Chloe got her hair cut short and dyed it blue just like the character on the cover of a manga magazine she had back in 2008.[67]
  • Skateboarding – Chloe seemed to be very good at skateboarding.[68] Even in her later years, while Max was in Seattle, Chloe still liked to skateboard and hung out with a skater posse.[69]

Times of Mischief Edit

  • Attempted TPing – One activity of mischief that the two girls got up to was their plan to TP a neighbor's house, but they both chickened out and ran back home, laughing about it.[70]
  • Being Messy – The girls created a mess when drawing, littering a table with drawing supplies.[71]
  • Wine Tasting – Chloe and Max enjoyed secret wine-tasting sessions at Chloe's house when her parents, William and Joyce, were not around. Unfortunately for them, this secret was discovered[72] after they had accidentally knocked over one of Joyce's wine bottles and stained the carpet (a stain that was still present 5 years later).[73]
  • Covering Each Other in Flour – Max and Chloe enjoyed helping out with baking and would mess around by getting pancake flour all over each other[74], including on Chloe's parents![75]
  • Climbing Dares – Max and Chloe would dare each other to climb down from Chloe's bedroom window but they were both too scared to do it.[76]

Memories Edit

In Episode 1, Max thinks back to the following childhood memory when she sits on the old swing that William made for her and Chloe in Chloe's backyard:

Max: "What do you truly want to do when you grow up?"
Chloe: "Max, I'm already grown up. What about you?"
Max: "Travel. That would be awesome. Explore the world. Go far from here..."
Chloe: "Far from me? Thanks a lot, dude."
Max: "Dude, you would totally come with me! I need a bodyguard for our adventures!"
Chloe: "I would be like Lara Croft, except real. That would be majorly cool."
Max: "Totally! We'd have cars and boats and planes all over for instant escape! And no adults could tell us what to do!"
Chloe: "Count me in. What would you do while I was bodyguarding you?"
Max: "Maybe take pictures of our adventures. I would love to be a photographer. As if I ever could be..."
Chloe: "What are you talking about? Max, you are a photographer. Your pictures could be in a museum. Someday they will. I believe in you..."

Max recalls another memory on the swing in Episode 3:

Max: "I remember when Chloe and me would take turns in the swing... We would push each other hard so we would fly way up in the air... Chloe always wanted to swing all the way around... I always got scared and would jump off before I flew off... And Chloe is still trying to get high..."

In Episode 1, Max thinks back to the following childhood memory when she sits on the old couch in Chloe's house:

Chloe: "Come on, open it chicken!"
Max: "Hold on. And I'm not chicken!"
Chloe: "Prove it! You drink first, Max!"
Max: "No way! It was your idea, Chloe!"
Chloe: "Whateva. Give me that bottle."
Max: "Well?"
Chloe: "Tasty. Very tasty."
Max: "Here, I want a sip!"
Chloe: "Sorry, this is not for kids."
Max: "Don't be greedy! Gimme some!"
Chloe: "Oh shit, the carpet!"
Max: "There's wine all over! What do we do now?"
Chloe: "My parents are coming! Cover it up..."

When Max jumps back in time to 2008 in Episode 3, echoes of a conversation she had with William and Chloe are heard. According to the game files, the dialogue order for the full conversation goes as follows:

William: "Yes girls, time for a picture!" Headphones
Chloe: "Max needs more flour on her face!" Headphones
Max (laughing): "I can't even see!" Headphones
William: "You look like a ghost!" Headphones
Chloe (laughing): "Get a close-up of Max!" Headphones
Max: "Knock it off, Chloe!" Headphones
Chloe: "Make me! You look hilarious!" Headphones
William: "Come on now, say 'Pancake!'" Headphones
Chloe: "Cheesecake!" Headphones
Max: "I hate pictures of myself!" Headphones

Environmental Details Edit

  • Two Whales Diner hasn't changed – The Two Whales Diner looked exactly the same when Max last ate there (age 13)[77] as it looks years later.[78]
  • More fishermen – Arcadia Bay's fishing industry was thriving back when Max and Chloe were kids. Evidence of the fishing community was more apparent.[79]
  • Chloe's pirate towel – Chloe had a pirate towel that she used when she was younger, and she was still using this same towel five years later when Max returned to Arcadia Bay.[80]
  • William's BBQs – The small BBQ grill was still present in Chloe's backyard when Max and Chloe were kids, and they enjoyed burgers cooked on it by Chloe's dad.[81]
  • Joyce's Magazines – Joyce enjoyed mail-order catalogs, and a young Max obviously saw these around Chloe's home whenever she visited.[82]
  • Joyce and Vanessa (Shared Tastes) – In 2013, it is mentioned that both Max and Chloe's mothers watch true crime shows, so it is possible that they also watched these when Max and Chloe were younger.[83]
  • Max's Grandpa – Max mentions that her grandfather - either her father's or her mother's father - has a garage that contains nuts and bolts.[84]
  • Chloe's dresser – When Max reconnects with Chloe five years after she had left for Seattle, she notices that some of Chloe's bedroom furniture she remembered from when they were kids is still present in the room. One such piece of furniture is the dresser that Chloe's dad had built for her.[85]

Unused Material Edit

Some unused audio that refers to a younger Max and Chloe is present in earlier game files. It was either used in earlier editions of the game and since been removed, or it has always remained unused.

  • Backyard Mischief – Joyce would yell at Max and Chloe from a living room window when they were playing in the backyard, possibly when they were up to mischief or doing something dangerous, or perhaps to call them in to eat food.[86]
  • Chloe Wanting a Dog – Chloe had wanted a dog, and her mother had always wanted her to get a dog too.[87] It even seems that Chloe would have made a good dog owner, from a comment intended to be spoken by Frank Bowers five years later when Chloe is 19: "She'd be good with dogs. I know these things." It is unknown whether Chloe had wanted a dog after her cat, Bongo, had died or whether she had wanted a dog instead of or as well as having a cat.

Farewell Bonus Episode Edit

(This section is for featuring additional information from Max and Chloe's childhood that is learned only from the Farewell bonus episode by Deck Nine Games. For completion after the release of Farewell.)

Gallery Edit


Notes Edit

  1. It is unknown in Life is Strange if Max moved to Seattle with her parents in 2008 or 2009, but she is said to have moved shortly after William's death. Life is Strange: Before the Storm by Deck Nine Games implies that William died on 9/28/2008 (a Sunday), an exact week after Max turns 13.
  2. Because of this, it seems unlikely that young Max would be the selfie-taking person she becomes years later.
  3. Max and Chloe were never the same age at the same time due to their birth dates. However, it is likely that Max meant that she made this CD when she was 12 and Chloe was 13, as Max mentions previously in her journal that her and Chloe last hung out when they were 13. Again, this mutual age is impossible, but we know that Max left Chloe when she was 13 and Chloe was 14.

References Edit

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